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Persistent Absence

All schools (excluding special schools)

Medway now uses the school census to calculate and monitor persistent absence.

Schools (excluding special schools) will no longer need to send the persistent absence return to Medway.

Reports developed by SIMs for Medway Council will still be updated yearly by Medway (reflecting the new term dates) and uploaded for school’s internal use.

Special schools

The school census collects absence data yearly rather than termly, so we cannot monitor special schools in the same way. 

We request that special schools continue to submit their persistent absence return. This will only be after each term has ended for example, Autumn: Term 1 to 2, Spring: Term 1 to 4 and Summer: Term 1 to 6.

The report and further guidance can be found on our website;


If you require any assistance please contact Performance and Intelligence Team by emailing maninfo@medway.gov.uk or by telephoning 01634
332613, 337088, 337086 or 01634 338180

21 Aug 2019

Performance and Intelligence
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